TriMet released a report of its "most comprehensive top-to-bottom safety review to date" last week, after an April 24 accident in which a TriMet bus driver took an illegal left turn and killed two pedestrians ["A Handful of Tickets," News, May 27]. The report, put together by Florida consultants, says that some transit systems use strobe lights, external beeping, and the honk-whenever-you-turn-left method to reduce left turn collisions. But some of the report's suggestions seem downright ridiculous for Portland: like the recommendation to never drive busses through standing water. Ironically, on the same day TriMet released the report, June 11, a TriMet bus crashed into a car while making a left turn downtown. No one was injured. TriMet is reviewing the report and will update its safety policies in July. ANGELA WEBBER

A Portland cyclist is seeking legal counsel after an incident in which he says a road-raging car driver attacked him with a can of Axe body spray. Kitchen worker Joe Keshishian was bicycling across NE Grand on June 14 when he says a black car started tailgating him so closely that it bumped his back tire, then sped around him, flipping him off. Keshishian shouted back some choice phrases and caught up with the car at a stoplight. "He stopped his car and got out, saying, 'You think the road belongs to you, self-righteous prick!' He's holding something in his hand and I realize it's a can of deodorant, that Axe body spray stuff," says Keshishian. The man then allegedly hit Keshishian repeatedly with the metal Axe can, before pushing the cyclist over and throwing his bike on top of him. "He just had this rage, this intense hatred!" says Keshishian. SARAH MIRK