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Which Industries Take the Top Toxic Prize?


TRI reporting may not be the best measure of the top 10 polluters
The property that Siltronics is "donating for favors" is adjacent to(only the RR tracks dividing it)a highly polluted area where Rhone Pullanc manufactured agent orange. The area is so polluted that DEQ at the Jan. PHCAG meeting annouced they wanted to solidify a slip of water located next to the RR tracks directly across from the property that Siltronecs intends to donate. The reason it that is so toxic, they did not want any life form to interact with it. Daylighting a creek in this area opens up the possibility of contaminating the river further with horrible toxic chemicals. The estimate to clean this property according to the city is 60 million dollars. The RR sprays herbicides on the tracks which would also create an avenue for toxics to the river if it was daylighted. Nor is the property to be donated wide enough for a wildlife corridor according to Bob Salinger of The Audubon Society.
Seem like Portland isn't living up to the hype of being a green city! Boy was I surprised when I moved here from NJ 6 years ago only to find the air is worse here than in NJ. That's why I got involved in Neighbors for Clean Air (NCA). We've been able to stop the DEQ's rubber stamping ESCO's air emissions permit renewal. It's been a slog, but we're making progress. I encourage everyone to get involved in their local neighborhood air quality organization (almost every neighborhood has one). If you can't find one, join NCA at
mappersdelight: Right you are on the limitations of TRI, but it is the best we have. DEQ makes getting emissions inventory data near impossible. TRI is widely accepted as being under reported.
pdxair- I totally agree.
other sources of info about facilities in your area-

Check out the EPA Enforcement & Compliance History database:
You can search for facilities in your area, see who has had formal enforcement actions, etc

also check out the EPA Envirofacts databases:
they have spatial data & listings by program or pollutant.

again... it all depends on state and federal enforcement and various reporting limitations (or lack of reporting & enforcement).
In addition to the superfund pollution, when you look at the W water for temperature, agricultural runoff, and other health measures, the river is in very poor shape.
I thought Portland's top five polluters were Sam Adams, Randy Leonard, Dan Saltzman, Nick Fish and Amanda Fritz.
'the semiconductor business is a "very clean industry,"' BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
What about the airport?

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