Now that Prop 8 has been declared unconstitutional, people celebrate... then grimly realize that this November's election debates will sound a lot like 2008's.

Elena Kagan has been confirmed as a Supreme Court justice; Obama plans to celebrate her appointment today.

Pakistan faces the worst flooding in its history.

The US economy (what, that old thing?) lost a whole buncha jobs in July. That includes the loss of 143,000 census workers, and a gain of only 71,000 private-sector jobs. Hey, guys, come intern for the Mercury!

BP's $18 billion spill penalty could be lowered, if it's found not to have been "grossly negligent" or the sole party responsible for the spill. Lame! Off with their heads, I say!

And, err, ehhh, what should we do with those tar balls??

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Wildfires and chaos in Moscow.

So, it's really happening: Wyclef Jean is running for president of Haiti. Sad thing is, he may be the most competent one yet.

To save money, the town of Colorado Springs switches off a third of its streetlights. On a similar note, the Mercury doesn't allow its employees to flush number one.

Another lost boy in Oregon is found in the woods by a dude. Blessedly, the Oregonian refrains from calling the dude a "hero," and then writing about how he denies being a hero.

And on this day in 1991, the first web page ever went online. Here's a later version of the page. Here is Tim Berners-Lee (the guy who ACTUALLY invented the internet, sorta) talking some words for your brain: