President Obama is headed to the Gulf of Mexico to assess economic damage from the oil catastrophe...

...and he signed a $600 million "border security" bill that will create 1,000 new border patrol positions.

Iran is ready to flip the switch on its first nuclear power plant. AAH! Nuclear Iran! Remember kids, when you see the flash...

So, all that flooding and heat this summer? Yeah, pretty much evidence of climate change. Get used to it.

Deutschland ist creaming us all in ze economic growth, ja?

China has so many citizens, it has to keep thinking up crazy things to do with large groups of them.

The former army chief of Sri Lanka is convicted of "meddling in politics." See? McChrystal got off easy!

Somebody jumped to their death off the Vista Bridge. Ever been up there? It's really high. And really easy to fall/jump off.

The struggling Oregon Historical Society may ask for a tax levy this fall.

And on this day in 1521, Spanish conquistadors took over the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, which would later become the site for Mexico City. In 1960, the Central African Republic gained independence from France. And in 1954, the National Anthem of Pakistan was first played on the radio with revised lyrics. What? OK. Whatever. Have a good day.