Hope you're enjoying a sedentary/hydrated/air-conditioned Sunday, as this weekend has seen the hottest day of the year and things will be hawt through tomorrow.

In sad creep news, the "Craigslist Killer" has committed suicide in jail.

Two men were injured in a stabbing at Portland State University last night. Police are reporting today that they've taken 24-year-old Heath Avery into custody in relation to the incident.

Visiting the Gulf of Mexico, Barack Obama performs a lame publicity stunt, swimming in the ocean with his daughter Sasha. They also played mini golf and enjoyed a game of "catch the tar ball."

Bullshit: Republicans are seeking to make the Ground Zero Mosque an "issue" in November's elections.

Can McChyrstal Petraeus save us from the quagmire in Afghanistan? Looks like he's not too into that "exit date" idea.

Yeah, so, a bear had its head trapped in a jar.

UN Chief: "Oh, shit! Pakistan is fucked!"

And on this day in 1914, the Panama Canal opened to traffic. And looked something like this: