DO YOU LIKE Oregon's $8.50 minimum wage? Or do you hate it? Worried about sky-high tuition costs? Health care? Don't you give a shit about anything? Attend: The deadline to register to vote by November 2 is this Tuesday, October 12.

Already registered? Gold star! Not yet? Or have you moved since the last election? Keep reading.

The easiest way: Hit up the Multnomah County Elections Office's website ( and download a registration form.

Otherwise, show up at 1040 SE Morrison or call 503-988-3720. Copies of registration forms are also at the Oregon Secretary of State's website, in Dex phonebooks, and in post offices, libraries, schools, and DMV offices.

Any Oregonian 17 or older is eligible. And don't feel left out if you're homeless. List your residence—be as detailed as possible describing the spot where you sleep most often. Then use a friend's home, a shelter, a PO box, or even the county elections office as a mailing address where your ballot will be sent.

See how simple? So quit your bitching and go sign up already.