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For the record, the blowhole creates "an eruption similar to a geyser." An actual geyser was not to blame here.

Thanks for the singing robot mouth. I'd rather watch and listen to that thing than any of our current top-40 blowholes.
Here's the best way to watch the singing mouth video:
Turn down the sound, press play, and imagine the year is 2025. Our supreme overlord is giving a press conference to announce some good news: another 100% public approval rating!
Aside from the fact that its creepy, what do the Japanese have to offer other than the robot mouth? Oh yeah an incurable STD! Hooray! And no geyser, I really don't want to know the reason you like it.
For the record Timberlake, you should take her up on the offer. It's far better than the skanks you were with or 50 yr old Cameron Diaz. 1) she's are Marine. Everyone knows we are awesome, enough said. 2) she has manners unlike 99% of the idiots you are around on a daily basis 3) don't be a pussy (anymore than usual anyway)
Can you stick your dick in that things mouth?????
@Abusive: That's the only question I need answered today.
I can already see Beckers defense. Victim of rape after rape, constant beatings...blah blah blah
@Abusive: So impatient! We're *all* eagerly awaiting the inevitable Japanese vending machines based on new robotic-mouth technologies. (There might be some cleanliness issues, but they still should be a lot cleaner that Tri-Met seats.)
That moth is just a fleshlight, right?
That was a perverse kind of freudian slip there. That MOUTH is nothing more than a Fleshlight, right?
Okay. I just have to say it: I'm really disappointed in the writers, bloggers and commenters of the Portland Mercury. How the hell you guys missed rhyming "Becker" with "Pecker" is totally beyond me. It's like you're not even trying.
Sorry Fruit Cup my mind was sort of stuck on Boris Becker in a broom closet (guarantee you no one gets that reference). It might have gone through his head though?.....Probably not more like...OH SHIIIIITTTT!

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