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Also, Joe Frazier died yesterday. I made a simple observation about the reaction to his passing on Twitter and was manShandled. It was a beatdown. Or at the very least a tweetdown.…
Schandling, the implaceable Frazier-like bull of comedy?
Of course, I do mean Kelsey Grammer.
Of course the demanding money back incident had to be in Salem. If not where else? AM pretty sure it was done by a curse and not by "gun point", but the correspondant had to change it to to make it more digestible "for the public".
Also, if you read the story, it was a pellet gun.
@Todd #twitter. Very funny timeline beat down / celebrity meltdown. ON TWITTER. hahaha.
For what its worth, there are some pretty important initiatives in Beaverton and Clackamas County for Urban Renewal as well. SUBURBS, GET YR VOTES ON
fruit cup, am pretty sure those pellet mini bullets where hexed and poisoned with wild forest roots and strange obscure flower nectars. When one reads Salem its all it comes to mind.
@8, I lived in Salem for a number of years. At the time there was a little magic shop catering to Wiccans in downtown Salem. I am not surprised the residents have elevated their witchcraft.
I don't speak a word of Spanish, so I'm going to assume that those Colombian women are actually a prog rock cover band, performing In The Court Of The Crimson King in its entirety.
Todd: being on Garry Shandling's radar is a two-edged sword. Maybe you should switch over to Gary Collins or Gary Mule Dear for a while. Also, I hope my first sentence is the worst mixed-metaphor anybody reads all day.
Its a way to be safer from the evils of this world. Now, seriously, the woman really pointed a pellet gun demanding the 5 bucks she gave to the homeless guy beforehand? That can be a comedy skit right there. Thats ridiculous.

Not to downgrade the Salem Cities (or the Salem you lived in), but there are Salem towns, little towns everywhere named Salem (Europe, etc), wich I find cool. Very cool.

This calls for another season of being obsessed with the incredible human baby bat discovered newspapers. I forgot how they where called, besides "Fantastic News" or something. Gotta love those.
"Green Alien impregnated Waitress in Wendy's Food Chain Bathroom" and so on.
dmitrir: No. I can take him. I just need to train. He's too fast, just kept punching relentlessly. Blogtown is too slow, it's left me out of shape. There's a pic of me in the Arthole flickr pool today, you can see for yourself, I'm a mess.
Here it is, for those who need to be spoonfed (which is almost me, after that beating):…
Carte di Scopa, cool, those bring good luck. "Il sette bello", the one with the 7 gold coins, and li Bastoni (Clubs), specially.
Yeah, Leaky, I buy/glean playing cards during my travels, but strangely enough I came across those at a Twilight Rummage Sale at the Eagles Lodge on Hawthorne.
Cool, they look pretty cool from here.

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