The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has released its list of potential cuts to cover a $16 million budget gap ["Overcommitted!," News, Dec 15 2011]. The cuts take significant chunks out of several pots of money, like 73 percent of funding for special events (goodbye, city money for blocking traffic at Sunday Parkways and Last Thursday), 10 percent of bike boulevards' funding, and several million dollars from road repaving and sidewalk building projects. SARAH MIRK


Portland ought to have one more of its patented (literally) Portland Loos up and accepting deposits by the end of the month, Commissioner Randy Leonard's office announced on Tuesday, January 10. The city's fifth 24-hour public toilet is headed for the northwest corner of NW 8th and Couch, with a ceremonial first "first flush" planned for January 31. The city's first Loo opened in 2008 at NW 5th and Glisan. Three more opened in 2010, at SW Ash and Naito, at SW Taylor and Naito, and in Jamison Square. Mayor Sam Adams helped push for the latest location, after crime and safety concerns led his office to close nearby brick-and-mortar bathrooms at SW Ankeny. DENIS C. THERIAULT