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Breaking news for Reymont! I'm getting another Master's degree! I've been accepted to Oxford University, in England - and my company has agreed to pay all of the tuition and give me paid time off to attend the classes! I'm crazy excited - it's just ridiculous!
Adam Smith, John Locke, Jethro Tull and now Reymont? Bahahahaha! Did that exiled Nigerian family also pay you $21 million for helping them get their fortune out of the country?
So, is Newt Gingrich a swinger? Is a vote for him a vote for blue light parties at the White House?
Congratulations Reymont!
Thanks, guys!
Reymont, what are you studying/researching? Or don't tell me, I guess. But good for you, now I feel kinda silly with my lil' ol' BA.
@Reymont - That's insane! So great!! How long are you going to be in England?
The yank is coming. Congrats reymont!
Say, what company do you work for anyway. I didn't think such bennies existed anymore.
The pipeline. That oil in the sand will be coming out and sold regardless. Likely to the Chinese if we don't jump on it. It would help our own dependancy on foriegn oil, and create jobs here too.
I still like Obama, but he is pandering to the far left before the election now.
As the far left, I'm happy to be pandered to.
@1, seriously? Nice to be you.
Good luck, Reymont. I suppose when you return from the UK you will be smoking a pipe and wearing tweed. Am I right?
Thanks, folks! It's for the MSc in Major Programme Management - that's one promotion up from what I do, now.

It's a part-time program like an executive MBA, so I'll only be there for a week or two per term, for a year and a half starting next September. I'm commuting!

And I'm putting those leather patches on the elbows of all my shirts and coats, right now!

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