News Feb 16, 2012 at 4:00 am

Portland Freaks out as OLCC Readies Its First Food Cart Liquor License


The city's argument is more than a little bit ridiculous. Randy Leonard's threats are especially troubling. Why would he want to "make life more difficult" for the hundreds of small-business owners who circulate money through the local economy and attract national attention? I imagine that as OLCC-licensed establishments these food carts would be subject to the same rules of any bar or restaurant serving alcohol i.e; employee's must be OLCC certified, able to discern when someone should not be served, are of age, etc. In addition, I expect that not every cart in this city will be able or willing to sell alcoholic beverages in the first place. New bars and restaurants open every month here and I've never heard the city or police in such an uproar. The council's argument is flimsy at best.
I feel the city needs to stick to city business and leave the state alone to do there business. The OLCC has issued licenses and controled liquor in this state forever and done very well with there department. They surely don't need the city sticking there nose into there business and telling them what they need to do. They have rules and regualtions to cover things such as this. The city is just trying to get more controll. It seems to me that Mr. Goldingay is caught in the middle of a politcal and power struggle between the city and OLCC. Mr. Goldingay is a reputable businessman in Portland and has been for many many years and knows what he is doing. He is not going to take any chances in ruining his businesses or reputation, or take any risks for a law suit. As far as Randy Leonard's comment about the city could make things alot more difficult for food cart owners is beyond me since he has 2 lots with food carts on them himself. Or is his carts not under the same restricions as the rest of the foodcart owners! Maybe he should be looked at a little closer!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, I had false information reguarding Randy Leonard owning any food carts....

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