On the heels of the Mercury's "No Babies"-themed Sex Issue and coinciding nicely with International Women's Day, Senate Democrats have asked Speaker John Boehner to pledge not to move any more birth-control-related legislation in the House.

Birth control likes to be stood up for.
  • Sarah Mirk
  • Birth control likes to be stood up for.

The letter signed by 12 female Democratic Senators (PDF) demands that Boehner ditches legislation similar to the nearly-passed Blunt Amendment (PDF), which would have let employers out of coverage mandates (like birth control coverage) that violate their religious or moral beliefs. The letter is clearly fueled by a combination of this latest amendment and Rush Limbaugh's "slut"-dropping.

"Women have had enough," the letter reads. "As we have heard from countless women in our home states and here on Capitol Hill, they are tired of being target for a political strategy that endangers their health care and they want it to stop."

The letter cleverly wraps up by highlighting the two items that the Senators believe should be the Senate's top priority: Creating jobs and boosting the economy.