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Portland Copwatch Turns 20


The beating death of James Chasse was the first murder that Portland cops committed since i had first moved here, though, i was already well aware of prior murders such as Kendra James and José Mejía Poot (as well as the murder of Fouad Kaady by [disgraced Sandy,OR pig] officer William Jacob Bergin in Sept. 2005).

I've paid close attention to every act of police terrorism in the area since. I also found out about Portland Copwatch early on, which is most certainly an invaluable resource.

However, i knew nothing of the 1992 murder of Nathan Thomas - a 12 year old child - by cops. Thanks Dan for keeping the heads up.
Cop Watch is the most worthy organization in Oregon, if you want to know where to send your extra cash!

You're right about Bergin Damos. In 2008, he was arrested for trying to break into the home of his former-girlfriend, after he drove to her house drunk. Then from inside the Washington Jail, he calls her and leaves a message that he going to use a gun to solve the problem when he gets out (typical Oregon cop). And the crooked DA and Judge, let the guy off with a slap on the wrist, saying he's already been through enough because of his murder of Kaady -- the most brutal killing of another human being in Oregon history!

But worse than Bergin, and his lust to kill, is Clackamas County Sheriff Deputy David Willard, who gave the command to Bergin to "FIRE!" And what's really sick about that case, if shooting a naked, bleeding man with third degree burns and his skin falling off, who is begging for his life, isn't enough, is that a civil jury from Crack-of-my-ass County said that these cops were justified in killing him...

Douglas Adamson said he was bringing young girls to the Court House in Oregon City, and the wife of the Chief Deputy's wife knew about it, and threatened to expose her soon-to-be ex...and so he killed her and then himself (to keep the secret)!

And we know that "they" knew about Weaver before he killed the second girl -- they even went to his house where he had the first body stashed, but didn't look in the shed...but Creepy Craig, Wingard, Ludlow and the rest of them down there are protecting these sick bastards!

Thanks Dan, and everyone else with Cop Watch!
Merc, you're really stepping it up in terms of writing stories the mainstream local media want's to ignore. Thank you!
On March 26th 2007 two under cover police officer's named Eric Carlson and John Ray murdered a child early in the morning near 87th and division in S,E, Portland Oregon and they had the help of at least three females, Joan Wagar, a blond lady named Erica, and a black lady named Adrian.
They were committing several crimes that morning, they were making child porn, they committed a break in to at least one apartment, they planted evidence within apartment they broke into, and they poisoned the occupants coffee pot.

When they completed their crimes they all drove to Clackamas Walmart and bragged to Joan Wagar's sister Vickie Rosales about the crimes they just committed and then they verbally gave blame to Joan Wagar's husband Terry Wagar.

Joan Wagar and the black lady named Adrian work at Clackamas Walmart and they wasted no time in recruiting their department in Walmart to lie for them and Adrian and Joan Wagar started printing out flyers using Walmart office printers giving Joan Wagar's husband the blame.

They call this activity "Pedofying" meaning they do the crime but they frame someone else to get the blame, and they had the permission of the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's and all complaints to these crimes are covered up and ignored by all policing agency's in Oregon.

The Portland copwatch has also covered up and ignored these reported crimes and pretend it's not reported.

Terry Wagar
On March 26th 2007 two cops Eric Carlson and John Ray murdered a child and they photographed it and they broke into my home afterwords and planted evidence in my home trying to frame me for the crime, and my wife Joan Wagar was helping them by sneaking them into my home early in the morning through her bedroom window!

Before they left my apartment they poisoned my coffee pot and coffee cup, after they left my apartment they all headed straight for Clackamas Walmart, Joan Wagar's sister Vickie Rosales was waiting for them in the Walmart parking lot, she wanted to know from them how it went, and they told her what they just got done doing, and I caught their conversations on a audio recorder I placed in my wife Joan Wagar's purse!

After this they started giving Joan Wagar's husband the blame for what they just bragged about and Joan Wagar and a black lady named Adrian started using Walmart office printers to print out flyers giving her husband the blame, for what her f@@k buddy's in law enforcement did!

This is a common form of murder committed by Portland police officer's and by Multnomah county sheriff's and they have an unofficial name for it they call it "pedofying" and it is a type of murder cops use to kill off people they want dead!

Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson succeeded in turning an entire Walmart against me by pedofying me behind my back for two years, the entire store was hiding their motives and lied for them because they believed I deserved it!

Walmart employees on March 26th 2007 knew Joan Wagar was printing out flyers giving her husband blame for what she and her f@@k buddy's in law enforcement did that morning and they laughed about it in the break room they thought it was funny that Eric Carlson was acting as a photo double they cracked jokes about Eric Carlson being dressed up like Joan Wagar's husband!

Police have used flyers for many decades labeling people as "bad guys" and everybody knows this, what people don't realize is that it is easy for cops to frame people as pedophiles by simply "pedofying" them, word of mouth rumors and flyers can turn an entire community against an innocent person overnight and cops rely on this in commiting murders!

They had no intention of giving me a trial for anything, they just wanted me to get the blame publicly and then they were going to kill me off!
They admitted to that term "pedofying" and they bragged it gets people killed off!

I would like to point out at the end of Joan Wagar's work day at Walmart she came home to me and pretended to be a loving wife, is that enough for you to know what their guilty of and that I was being framed for their crimes!

I have it on a audio recorder! not my fault Portlanders don't give a damn about people!

Terry Wagar

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