Massacre in Syria: In the most recent update of the continuing horrifying news of the Syrian government lashing out at its people, dozens of dead bodies are discovered in suburbs of Damascus.

Olympics! Wooo! Here'e the skinny on running and a big swimming showdown.

I <3 Pussy Riot! The Russian punk band on trial for "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" says they're not being allowed proper sleep or food during their trial.

Iran So Far Away: The House approves new sanctions on Iran but, meanwhile, did you know Iran's last queen loved Andy Warhol?

Chick-Fil-GAY! LGBT groups are planning same-sex kiss-ins at Chick-Fil-A tomorrow.

Getting Serious About Gamers' Sexual Harassment: The New York Times documents how the online gaming culture is maybe, finally changing as female players lash back against rampant harassment.

Drones for Everyone! Drone technology first used by the military is now being used by hobbyists for crafting flying cameras for domestic use.

Also in Terrifying Technology News: What about a digital sensor you can swallow that will report to your doctor about the state of your insides?

Thirsty Nation: The drought has widened so much that 50 percent of US counties are now "disaster areas." Skyrocketing corn prices show why the government subsidies for ethanol are whack.

U Care About Bad Grammar? Even people who study grammar professionally say the grammar police don't necessarily help language.

Harry Reid Speculates Wildly About Romney's Taxes: The Senate majority leader just tosses out some ideas for what could be in Romney's tax returns. The Daily Show rakes him over the coals: