Occupy Forever: The NYTimes points to Oakland's ongoing Occupy movement as the "last refuge of radical America."

Failure in Damascus: Kofi Annan's diplomatic mission to Syria is over and out.

Citizen Revolt: A badass group of Mexican villagers band together to kick all the criminals and police out of their town, sealing off the roads with burning barricades.

This First Sentence is the Best First Sentence: "City governments across Russia drained the water from municipal fountains on Thursday, hoping to keep drunken paratroopers from drowning in them."

Mississippi Church Refuses to Marry Black People: The governor apologizes for his state being so racist.

Back to Batman: Two people who were in the Aurora theater shooting talk about going back to see The Dark Knight Rises.

Chick-fil-PRAY! The controversial company is facing a lawsuit from employees irked over being forced to pray.

Portland's Got Too Many Damn Freeways! Says Matty Yglesias, who's visiting and somehow got stuck in a hotel near the Lloyd.

Don't Worry, We're Still Drunk. You'd think Oregon liquor sales would fluctuate based on the economy, but instead they just go up and up.

The Happiest Cities Have Lots of Bikes says a "happiness expert."

Gabby Douglas Wins "Best All Around": The 1416-year-old becomes the first African American to ever win the gold in best all-around gymnastics. Check out this photo of her crazy legs:

Other Olympic Stuff: The US women's soccer team is playing and the first Saudi Arabian woman in the Olympics takes a whack at judo.