Iran In Cahoots with Syria: The Iranian leaders say they're in an "axis of resistance" with the government that's bombing its people.

Just Some Racial Holy War Talk: Acquaintances of Wisconsin Sikh temple killer Wade Page never thought his racist songs and talk of a racial holy war would lead anywhere.

In Other Terrible Shooting News: Jared Loughner is likely to plead guilty today.

Who Will Speak at the RNC?! Do people care about this? The big announcement is supposed to be today.

All the Single Ladies: The presidential campaigns are going after the votes of one of the country's fastest growing demographics: single women.

More Importantly: Who has the porn vote?

Touchdown! A woman will ref an NFL game for the first time ever.

Oil Fire: A Chevron refinery in California has burst into flames, sending 200 people to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

Brooklyn Bike Patrol A volunteer crew of people in bright yellow t-shirts will bike to your location and then walk you home from the subway in Brooklyn.

Thin Blue Line: There have been six deaths this year on LA's blue line light rail. That's a lot, right?

Sports Time! Chinese all-star hurdler Liu Xiang crashes into a hurdle and is out of the Olympics, the US women's soccer game is thrilling and meanwhile, Gymnast Gabby Douglas is atillawesome: "I just made history and people are talking about my hair?"

King Mooch! A man spends a month traveling the US, living off Craigslist donations.