Fluoride 451
Guess you didn't write a blog post about the stack of "no" signs your neighbor found dumped near the Willamette River?
Guess I didn't. I've also not written blog posts about the tales of "yes" sign thievery I've also heard. Random sign theft on other side isn't as interesting as fire and vandalism.

Now... anyone on the "no" side had a sign burned, too? Send me the details (police reports and/or case numbers help) and I'll post about it with equal indignation and clucking.
How soon before someone accuses him of burning it himself to make fluoride opponents look bad in the news?
Wait! I take both of those comments back. I'm going with:

I see lots of pro fluoride signs in my Laurelhurst neighborhood and I'm kinda surprised that nobody has touched them yet
I'm not going to say which side of the debate I'm on, but I will say that even though I see signs that I disagree with and make me angry, it is still that person's right to have a sign on their property and to say what they want to say. Even if you don't agree with it.

Don't vandalize other people's signs. Just put up your own sign on your own lawn--you have a right to say what you want to say, too.
Yeah, it seems like more of the pro signs are in the richer neighborhoods. Can't help but think there's a bit of rich privilege telling poorer folks what to do in that.
Never mind decades of segregation, racism and other rampant social injustice in Portland. We're going to fucking burn shit over ERMAHGERD PUBLIC HEALTH SCIENCE IS POISONING OUR WATER!!!1!!
My friend has had No folks climbing around in her yard stealing her yes signs and replacing them with no signs. Anti-fluoride = whack-job, who does this stuff?
^^the same wacky people that do wacky things for any cause. I am no expert on anything mind you, but it seems fairly obvious even to me. Or they were roasting marshmellows, who knows?
If you want to show support in a way that people can't steal or burn, change your profile picture to support a Yes on fluoride vote:…
From Pakistan to Boston to Portland, isn't fanaticism humanity's greatest scourge?

No justification for destroying any political sign.

But profluoridation folks, what superior wisdom gives you the right to impose your "science," your political beliefs, your possible knowledge deficit about potential injuries to susceptible people (infants for example) on the entire community?

Fluoridation is medically unethical. Politically unAmerican. What wackiness has allowed fluoridation to become an article of fanatical belief and the object highly funded attempts to force everyone to submit to it?
Those of you with still-remaining YES signs are randomly lucky. My daughter, in southeast Portland, has had 2 lawn signs stolen. Burning and leaving nasty signs (such as the poor home who had theirs replaced with a Get Out Of Here note--these are the 'signs' of seriously deranged minds.
^^^^ The same "wackiness" that already has us adding three chemicals to Portland's "pure, mountain water" for public health reasons
This is terrible. Craig helped start the Portland Farmer's Market. He helped get soda out of schools. He has done more for tobacco prevention than just about anybody in this state. He's an example of the many amazing community health advocates out there helping to support fluoridation, and this is the kind of threat he gets? This is ridiculous.
Looking at who this man works for and how involved he is with HKHP. I can only assume that he wanted to make a news story.
Distraction from the real issue here.
If we can simply look at what happened here in Portland, it clears up everything.

1. A lobby group uses the 2007 OR "Smile Survey" data to declare a "dental crisis" and lobbies City Council ($9000) to fluoridate PDX. City Council obeys 5-0.

2. The 2012 OR Smile Survey comes out proving that not only do we *not* have a dental crisis but our teeth are better than the fluoridated areas in Oregon!
IOW, fluoridation of the water had no positive effect on
preventing cavities.

Note: it took two Freedom of Information Act requests to get the data released before the vote. Someone did not want us to see it!

Before you vote please watch:…
What a coincidence! The man who's sign was burned was a Board Member and Chair of
Upstream Public Health the pro-fluoridation lobby group behind the "yes" vote.

What are the odds of that Mel Rader? Mark Weiner? Anyone? Denis?
The man whose sign was burnt was actually "Board Member and Chair Upstream Public Health 2003 – 2009. Upstream is the pro-fluoride lobby group. What a coincidence!

This certainly looks like the pro-fluoridationist getting desperate (and juvenile) and trying to frame those who are against fluoridation.

Further, he even testified for fluoridation at City Council recently! He did not disclose his relationship with Upstream.

Was the writer aware of this relationship and decided that this was not worth disclosing?
These are individuals, neither campaign has any control over what they do. And I know for a fact that, more than once, a pro-fluoride groupie "stole" yes signs from his own campaign in order to create a story and distract people from the real issues (because people are figuring it out). Leave the signs alone folks, that is super childish (plus I think the "yes" signs are comical and actually hurt their cause). Remember, fluoridation allows government to do something even your doctor can't do: force you to take a medication without consent, without evaluation of individual need, weight, lifestyle or existing medical conditions. I voted no on ethical grounds. And if you're balking at the word 'medication' please know that this use of fluoride meets exactly the definition: a substance where the target is the human body for a purported health effect." How can we say yes to government putting medicine for all in the water? It should be a choice, not a mandate. And let's not forget that 97% of this stuff never hits its target, people's bodies, and goes straight down the drain.
Either way, they are shitty arsonists. I give them a 3
Pete Simpson doesn't remember that McCain sign in Sellwood getting torched?
OSHU doctor caught stealing signs from Clean Water Portland headquarters!
REAL journalism:…
Who knows what really happened in any of these cases. One thing's for sure. Nobody's gonna be burning, stealing or vandalizing this:

The Last Straw - A Musical Parody in the Key of F No!

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