News Sep 4, 2013 at 4:00 am

More Homeless Sweep Fallout: Closed Park


It seems they never close down both parks at the same time. Last I looked, Chapman is a fenced in vacant lot and Schrunk is a shantytown. It's like whack a mole.
I got some demands too Withey: quit stinking up our downtown.
"Ruined grass"? It can't get more aportlandish than that!

This is the 3rd or 4th reference I've seen to the City's **$4000** patio furniture. For 3 tables and at most 15 chairs? Back when it was legal for citizens to sit on their city's patio furniture, I sat down and read a chapter in my book: a pleasant experience although I had no sense that, being the only person at the table, I was surrounded by over $1000 of patio furniture.

The pricey patio furniture paid for with municipal funds will only come back if 1 or more food carts sets up in the City Hall courtyard. I think Charlie's counting on the length of the rainy season to blunt memory of his smear campaign, wanton destruction of memorabilia, and city-wide displacement of people. I don't think people will forget. I know I sure woudn't if I'd been insulted, devalued, dehumanized, harassed, and displaced like that.

If the pricey patio furniture returns, it will be illegal for Portland citizens to sit on it (although they paid for it). Charlie is leaving it up to the food cart employees to enforce this law that discriminates against those who cannot afford the price of food at a food cart.

What a sad commentary this is on Portland's having been chosen as a host of World Environment Day, whose theme this year was reducing your 'food print.'

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