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With Threats and an Arrest, One Portland Cop Has Decided to Put Zoobomb on Notice


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When the moon is above like a big rubber glove... PASSADORAY!
"Joanna Breedlove freely admits she made a mistake...she didn't see the cop waiting at a four-way stop until it was too late. She couldn't stop in time."

Yeah, right. It was a "mistake". Please. She "couldn't stop in time" because she had no intention to...until she saw the cop.

Sure, there are worse/more dangerous crimes than running a stop sign while on a bike or rollerblades or a skateboard, but it's still plenty dangerous to anyone attempting to cross in their path. Sympathy denied. Take your medicine.

I will admit, though, that the cop "hollering" at her, taking her to jail and, weeks later, threatening to get the charges reinstated all sounds a bit over the top -- perhaps she was being a little mouthy/belligerent to the cop on one or both occasions and failed to mention that part to Denis?

And, @ Dave Terry: "Does he have a hard-on for Zoobomb?" Nice. Make a dick joke (that's trying so hard to rhyme, but doesn't). Very clever. That'll help things. Next time, throw in a line about donuts too. That'll show 'em. That'll show 'em that you're down to have a serious conversation.
The cop's an idiot. He's the one that should be charged with reckless endangerment, for deliberately pulling out in front of Joanna. PPB should keep him off Sunday night detail unless they really want the unnecessary liability and stupidity this cop represents.
...and to 'human-in-training' - when was the last time a motorist was over-charged and hauled to jail for a simple traffic infraction? or even for killing with their vehicle?
The police are above the law. They steal stuff all the time. Under Common Law, you can't have a crime without a victim and you can't have a crime without proving intent to damage a victim. Nobody was hurt but the skater. She ought to hire a civil rights lawyer and sue the police department as well as the officer, personally. This little piggy is just testing to see where the new mayor stands on this issue.
I don't get it. Sure, the cop was being a dick, but the moment people go flying through four-way intersections laws are being broken (well, unless the light's green) and a dangerous traffic situation arises. That's just common sense, something this city full of adult-sized children seems to lack in abundance. Why not be socially responsible while being "cool" and "weird"? Volunteers at intersections with light wands, for example. Hell, dress them up in clown costumes if you're afraid that will diminish the Portlandia cred, turn Zoobombers into a "square" event.
Human-In-Training doesn't know what it is talking about. Making judgements based on an article in the paper. Shut up.
I know Joanna, she's a great friend and valuable member of the community. She absolutely was not "mouthing-off" or being belligerent towards officer passadouche. That guy was acting extremely out of line.

If the Mercury can get hold of the copy of this report and even the dash-cam footage of her arrest it will prove that she was not behaving in a manner that would land her an arrest.
You will see Passadore yelling at her the entire time, being belligerent himself.
It would be a stellar follow-up article.
Thanks to the PPB for making zoobomb cool again.
officer anthony passadore (#33482) is/was a member of the popo tactical team. he is, imo, a militarized thug who has shot an un-armed human being with an AR-15 rifle.
I witnessed the entire event and she was absolutely cooperative and polite the entire time, despite Officer Passadore standing over her yelling about how he almost would have felt bad had he killed her. He also threatened to arrest me... for STOPPING at the stop sign Joanna blew.
Needs to be "randomly" tested for steroids. Cop apologists, we can't afford any more of these liability employees.
Here's a picture of the prick.…

Sounds like he doesn't care for any adult, supervision.…

The three police officers at the human rights committee meeting spoke against the proposed changes. Sergeant Anthony Passadore summed up their beliefs the best:

One of the common themes that I hear when I talk to citizens as well as to the committee is that some people feel like they are viewed in a suspicious manner and have their opinions suppressed. Well, I walk out in the street every single day and people look at me with a level of distrust that is concerning. This is not just a job for me, it’s a belief. A fundamental belief in right and wrong. Why do we need this change in such a way that we call it an emergency? ... This is such a drastic, drastic change at a time when we are on a road that is heading in a really positive direction. I know that there is crisis right now in the community. And I’m smart enough to know that I am biased. But so are the people who sit on the other side of the table and point fingers. And that’s why we sit at the table together, to work through times like these.
The first time someone is seriously hurt or killed zoobombing, people will be asking the cops why they didn't do anything about it sooner.
If the abusive officer were concerned for safety, why would he have stolen her helmet and pads? I don't think very highly of bicyclists and skateboarders, who are too afraid to ride in the street, because of how recklessly cars drive, only for them to ride too, close, too fast, to pedestrians on the side walk, but a miss is as good as a mile. If the police keep abusing people for what the police imagine that people might potentially be able to do, the all the cars on the road will need to be parked, permanently.
It's so easy to institute a police state. You do it one minority at a time. Find a group who most people don't like, then make whatever it is that they do which annoys people, illegal.

For instance, who do the homeless hurt, by sleeping on dog shit in the park, but themselves? Sure, we don't like having to rub elbows with them on the MAX, so rather than letting them sleep in city high rise parking structures, where oil slicks are cleaner than dog shit, we encourage the police to beat the fucking shit out of them.

First they came for the Socialists. I wasn't a Socialist, so I didn't speak out.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, I wasn't a Trade Unionist, so I didn't speak out.
Then they came for the Catholics, I wasn't a Catholic, so I didn't speak out.
Then they came for the Homosexuals. I'm no homo, so I didn't speak out.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me and nobody was left to do anything, so I asked why the cops didn't do anything about it sooner.
Who fucking cares, someone got their rollerblades taken by a power-trippin cop. You're both members of a tiny, irrelevant Circus; you both "did this to yourselves". Sorry you all didn't get this out of your system at age 19. (oh, if you're 19 or in College, i apologize, you're entitled.) Get something more serious to care about readers, and write about, Merc.
I am not finding anywhere in the oregon traffic law where roller skates are classified as a vehicle. Bicycles are classified as a vehicle for example, which is why cyclists are required to stop at all stop signs even though an Idaho Style policy would make more sense. Roller skates are not included in this way though, so I actually don't think that the officer can ticket someone for running a stop sign on rollerblades, just like you can't get a stop sign ticket if you are on foot.
What are people supposed to do when they come for the few?
The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution for the United States of America makes clear, that the People are responsible to keep and bear arms in order to maintain a robust, civilian militia, so that, that Right and all Rights, will not be infringed by tyrants.

This whole idea of calling the police is nevoux bullshit. There never used to be a police force in the first place. What you had was an elected sheriff who would be the one to call for help from the citizenry to serve as deputies on an as need basis. A similar notion to the Jury, which has the final say in all legal court proceedings, and has the responsibility to nullify any and all vulgar regulations which attempt to pass as law.
You're not saying to shoot the pigs, are you?
What I'm saying is, that Gestapo, fucking, latent homosapiens, need to be brought to justice, and given a fair and speedy trial, before found guilty and hanged until dead. People are intimidated into paying taxes, which only goes to hire more thugs that intimidate the tax payers. Cut them the fuck off. Terminate the Pig Department. If anyone actually ever gets injured by roller bladers, and there is reason to believe that the injury were intentional, then that would be a crime; assault. If the injury actually occurred without intent to do harm, than that would be an accident; a tort, to be settled by law suit. You don't need any special legislation against roller blading, and you most certainly don't need any abusive, pre-judicial, punishment dished out, by some over reaching, NAZI loving, bullshit, fucking, dickless, pig.
In Hawaii, everybody drives like they learned how on a surf board. Drivers crash into each other all the time, and it's always the other guys, fault. I personally witness bicycles and motorcycles getting hit by cars, every month. It's sort of a toss up if there are more pedestrians getting killed by cars, or homeless getting murdered on the streets where they sleep. It's pretty laid back here, though. If somebody gets stabbed with a knife, the assailant might get as much as 30 days in the pokey, if he's already got a record. Assaults are really no big deal here. It's considered Aloha for pedestrians to step into the grass when you pass a wahine, but skateboarders and bicyclists ride full speed on narrow sidewalks, buzzing little old ladies. There's got to be more police officers per capita in Honolulu, than anywhere else on the planet, but I've never seen anyone get a ticket for running a red light, or making a U-turn. Nobody, but nobody, ever uses their turn signals, until they have to stop and wait for a pedestrian who cut them off by crossing with the light at the interaction that the car tried to tun into without signalling. Still, it beats the fucking hell out of Portland.
It's pretty funny how chicken the usual respondents here are, to even speak out about the police, let alone, defend the Bill of Rights. Maybe they all have Uzis under their beds, at home, and don't want to have to show them until their doors get kicked in.
"This is not just a job for me, it’s a belief. A fundamental belief in right and wrong."
--Sergeant Anthony Passadore

Notice how Passadore tries to frame his actions as just, but by what standard?

There is no law against rollerblading. The skater neither hurt anyone, threatened nobody, intimidated no one, nor harassed a soul. I can't find anything in The Bible about rollerblading being a sin.

So, okay then. I suppose that everybody is entitled to their beliefs, even the pigs and the merely pig headed. It is still, officially a free country, but Liberty is the Right to do what you want, as long as it doesn't infringe upon anyone Else's Right of Freedom to not be infringed upon.
He's obviously intimidated by this dame. He's too scared to do what she does. If she were actually a criminal, he would be completely impotent to apprehend her on blades. He should just go take some skating lessons, in order to gain more confidence. Then he might actually, be able to feel like a man.

You gotz to understand the cop menTALity, Brah, or the lack there of. Let me go Hannibal Lecter on his ass, here, for a moment. He's a bully, a cowardly dog, a pack animal.

He over compensates, like with body building, because he feels inferior to most other people. Especially women who are physically, more capable than himself. In fact, no disrespect to the lesbians out there, but he's really more lesbian than male. He probably has a fetish for Roller Derby action, and fantasizes bondage scenarios being dominated by Rose City Rollers, as he auto erotic asphyxiaties. He most likely drinks, quite heavily.

He really seems like one, sick, twisted, fuck, who really ought to be undergoing counseling with the police shrink, at the very, least. Funny, that. You'd think he ought to fit right in, here with the rest of us, but he's way, too, anti-social, for that.
Do you really think she would want her gear back after that? Maybe she ought to just ask the judge for the cash? Of course then he might get to keep her personal property. If she accepts her stuff back, then she get's stuck with his, but the thought of him keeping her personal belongings to have his deviant way with for the rest of his degenerate life is disgusting and out right creepy.
The Court could order a DNA test to see if the evidence has been tampered with or not. Of course, just because the forensic scientists find semen in the helmet, doesn't necessarily mean that the specimen came from the thief, even though possession is 9/10s of the law. The Court would have to order a sperm sample for comparison.
Gee, frankieb, zoobombing has been going on 'officially' using the MAX for at least 12 years, and even long before that, by anyone willing to pedal up to the top of the west hills and 'bomb' back down, and no one's died yet. OTOH, the zoobomb 'injury elite' is somewhat of an exclusive club.

And you do know that the city itself built a sculpture for the zoobomb bikes and uses a photo of that sculpture on all sorts of promotional literature for tourists, don't you? And that this cop's actions are highly counter-productive in that regard?
This is an inappropriate over reaction to be sure, but I must admit that Wolkenkaiser has a point about Portland being "a city of Adult children"
Hey randyzpdx, yeah - I'm quite aware how long this has been goin on, and of the 'sculpture' that acts as a tribute to it, and I bet it is a blast too. I've done the same ride, only in daytime and stopping for traffic.
But you know that someday there will be a bad accident. Odds are with it, after all. And then there will be questions, a lot of them too.
And I will feel most sorry for the driver that wants to blame themself for hitting a moron running stop signs at night.
Judging by the 'pro' comments here, most of them are delusional somehow.
"This is an inappropriate over reaction to be sure, but I must admit that Wolkenkaiser has a point about Portland being "a city of Adult children"

Said the guy flexing topless in a selfie on LoveLab. What are you, fucking 19?
ROFL, frankie boy, ROFL!

You mean kind of like how lots and lots of questions are asked every time a motorist does something stupid and kills with their vehicle?

And motor vehicle use has been banned city- and state-wide as a result of the inability of motorists to stop the killing and maiming?

Oh yeah, I forgot, they're 'accidents', not crashes. :rolleyes:

IMO, most people that zoobomb know what the risks are, from cops to crashes.
Even the PPD bike patrol is too scared to try this shit.

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