News Aug 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Hales Embraces Tiny Houses as Potential Remedy for Homelessness


Fuck this dummy. One of his extortionists just walked into my tiny restaurant today and, after a cursory walk around the premises and maybe three questions, decided that a new surcharge they just dreamed up will mean the "water bill" is going up another 25% soon.

Anyone else had to deal with this new water bill rate increase bullshit yet?
But where will they all park???
It sounds like the city is finally coming up with new ideas. That in itself is a start. I think it is time Portland not treat homeless as if they have Ebolea. You should be glad to help others who are in difficult times.Be kind, and you will find support through many people in this city..
Check out why Charlie wants to levy this street fee on us:

Here's an example of our arrogant mayor acting like our money is his, and he will raise our taxes as he pleases:
Don't be fooled, those tiny houses will end up costing exponentially more with union labor and cost over runs. They are cooler than shit, but this plan if implemented will be nothing more than just another boondoggle.
I think that picture speaks for itself. Charlie and our money, and I am sure he is getting some kind of kick back or deal out it.
What we need is affordable housing in Portland for the middle class. We don't need Charlie Hales coming up with yet another scheme to waste tax dollars while he pays back his campaign supporters. Recall petition is here. Just download, print, sign and mail in.
PDXportable Modular Shelter Systems For Rent or Sale $1000 Each!
NICKELNONPROFITS.ORG say's, "Park them on the property of churches and/or nonprofits" ~OR~ maybe Walmart could use another tax write off, how about Fred Meyer, park five on each lot behind a picket fence, how cute is that!? Have a nice day! <3 Nickel
sounds like another scam to benefit the building industry. what are we planning to tear down to make this possible?

I have a better idea... all the condos going up in my neighborhood should pledge a certain number of units to the city/county as low income housing. that way, those who benefit the most can give back to the community! problem solved.
RV parks with proper sanitation facilities are the proper place to locate these portable houses.
How are these better than 300 square ft apartments?
For do it yourselfers, it's cheap and no inspections would be required. By the time the City's contractors are done, these will cost way more than small studio apartments, or even a small room with shared bath down the hall. Lots of homeless already have tents. Let them pitch them in City owned, high rise or underground parking structures which already have adjacent restroom facilities. For those so poor who don't even own tents, go ahead and buy them good sleeping bags. Slap together some cheap chickenwire storage so the poor don't look homeless walking around during the day. See, if there aren't any contractors to charge the City money, then the corrupt politicians can't get any kick backs. That's why my suggestion will never be implemented.

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