Considering there's no way to approximate the actual hourly value of any city worker, seeing as how they don't participate in any voluntary exchange of goods or services but rather get paid through the mechanism of theft from the economically productive, why not shoot for the moon with the hourly minimum wage? $50 NOW!
No way to value workers in a private market so public employees have no value even if they clearly do provide utility and the body could always privatize? If I remember correctly, I voted for my taxes and representatives that set tax rates. America isn't about represented taxes anymore but some sophomoric Ayn Rand discipleship?
Seth.... Huh?

I mean, yeah good point! Sick Ayn Rand burn brah!
I wonder if those cost estimates also include raises that will most certainly have to work up the chain?
Congratulations to the County workers! That's three victories in a week: Home Forward, seasonal parks workers, and now County workers. The $15 minimum wage is coming to Portland!

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