In principle, I like the idea of what UBER wants to do...
However, their arrogance annoys me even more.
Back off, City of Portland! Uber drivers don't drive cars, but rather magical chariots drawn by invisible unicorns! Your puny laws have no power over unicorns!
Where's the opposition petition I can sign that says I DON'T want Uber in Portland?
The fact that the City of Portland has so expeditiously filed suit against the business proves two points. First of all, the company must not be violating any laws subject to Portland jurisdiction or the Portland Police would be making arrests. Secondly, litigation is the most effective way to enact change. Instead of complaining about everything the City does wrong all the time, people simply ought to sue the City.
Shit, I was totally anti-Uber until I heard about the unicorn thing.
"Because everyone agrees"- Mayor Hales

I quit there. What else is there to do when you have a socialist nazi for a mayor. Uber I hope your reading media in Portland right now and urge you to fight this pig. We got your back.

ps- Thanks for the tip Mr. pig (the other pig^), I'm going to look into that over the winter break. Never sued anyone before, once that door is open I know I'll be one trigger happy trash talking SOB. Might even turn into a lawyer then gosh golly might as well even shoot for mayor while I'm at it!!! I'll change the world for the best for everyone according to my own limited perspective and that of my wealthy peers, and that of whatever cab company is filling my pockets:)
What's that? I have an alarm that goes off whenever somebody types "socialist nazi" into a comment thread.
Uber is illegal and its drivers are illegal too. Get rid of Uber that is illegally running business like ISIL killing innocent civilians
It's not as if one man winning a lawsuit decides what's right for society, the Jury determines Justice. One man can make a difference, however.
Ah, finally the City does something right. If only they'd taken the same approach with AirBnB. Keep Bay Area techie pigs out of Portland!!!
^ u know these haters are taxi drivers and hotel workers
Just wait until July. I'll be debuting my new ride share app DUBER: every ride comes with a complimentary smoke out.

We supply the weed but passengers have to sign a waiver stating that they are competent to take the wheel from the passenger seat while the driver takes his bong hit.
I can't speak for or against Radio Cab drivers as they've always done right by me, but I am a laughably broke musician, and even having the possibility of making a few bucks here and there as an Uber driver would be an incredible boon to my financial situation.

I've looked into actually driving a cab, but from the research I've done/stories I've been told, there's a not-insignificant amount of work/networking required to even be considered to be a driver, and starting out means you take what you can get, schedule-wise. To be able to just dink away giving daytime rides while I work on band correspondence/practice/etc, then give up a Friday or Saturday night here and there to ferry people around town would change my situation drastically.

Anyway, my opinion is that both sides of this debate come off as dicks; and, self-serving though it is, I would like to see Uber legalized as it would do a lot for hapless underemployed schmoes like me.
I like the sentence in the City's complaint that Uber dispatches drivers only to people who can pay by credit card, because it brings airline food to mind - the airlines on which I've traveled recently won't sell food to passengers who can pay only in cash.
They're not even a Portland based company... why would Portlanders be sticking up for a California based company who are taking our jobs from us and pushing us out??. Fight back Portland! Let's keep our homes and our jobs!

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