News May 6, 2015 at 4:20 pm

OLCC Agents Want to Start Their Own Union... and Carry Guns


I am of the opinion these guys are lucky enough as it is to get taxpayers paying their salaries.
What a bunch of creeps... "he had a gun with a permit in his waste"- no shit last i checked the righ to carry was sort of a big deal and the fact that he has a permit probably says he's not the criminal minded type.

These creeps have destroyed the bar scene in oregon and they got nothing better to do but worry about kids smoking pot? they want more employees and more power and more guns...they are a gang.
How about whenever they need somebody to be shot, the just call the real police?
If these guys want to carry guns so badly, they should enlist in the military.
Let's just militarize every agency out there while we're at it. I want to see health inspectors carrying AR-15s and parking enforcement officers strapped with Glocks. Everyone knows the judicious application of firearms fixes every possible situation imaginable.

Fucking idiots.
I love how these dipshits, Gray and Bell, try to hype the danger of going into an unknown situation where a bar patron legally carries a concealed weapon, yet by their own admission, have never been attacked.

If someone has a concealed carry permit, they are a law-abiding citizen that has never been charged with a violent crime. So basically they want the ability to escalate an otherwise peaceful encounter into a use of deadly force encounter to justify the need to have a gun- to protect themselves with.

Just what we need! More trigger-happy, murdeous pigs! Go home, OLCC! You're drunk!
I can sympathize with these guys, it's hard to get someone to take your power trip seriously when you're not armed.
I don't remember any OLCC officers getting shot in the line of duty ever. But I do remember a couple years back when Darcelle slapped around one of those little OLCC punks and s/he got arrested for that. Just think, if the OLCC guy had been packing a gun, Darcelle would've been shot.
So Mereen had his gun taken away because he was acting like a psychopath and now he is making up dangers to get it back. Sounds like a power hungry asshole who feels impotent unless he can easily threaten others.
The US Postal Service is buying a shitload of ammo, along with the SSA, the IRS, and many other Federal agencies.

Ironically, Congress can't even account for the actual number of Federal agencies there even are.
On May Day in Seattle, police were worried about getting hurt, so they went right a fucking head and made a preemptive strike with weapons used against unarmed, peaceful protestors.
For fucks sake why do we still have this agency?! Get rid of these clowns!
That's just what we need, more inappropriately trained people carrying unnecessary guns. Ridiculous
So, the problem is that in Oregon, the pro-union politicians are also the anti-gun politicians, and they're up against the anti-labor trade agreement on top of everything.

Which means, you get to pick a side: Either the employees don't have a right to unionize, or, they don't have a right to the same 2nd Amendment protections that other state and federal employees are granted. Have fun with that, voters.

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