The Fennica glides past the St Johns Bridge to freedom.
  • The Fennica glides past the St Johns Bridge to freedom and plunder.

Mayor Charlie Hales sent out a statement to the press last night, making it known what a tough thing it was for him to have to send police and firefighters to roust the ShellNoPDX protestors blocking the Fennica oil exploration ship from leaving town.

"This was a hard day for me—and for a lot of people in Portland," Hales' statement read. "I oppose drilling in the Arctic." Hales went on to say it was a "great day" for the city, though, because no one was injured and Shell Oil got its ship back.

Hales struck a less circumspect tone with city employees this morning. He's stoked about the efforts to dismantle the protest, and says the protestors were happy about it, too. Here's the e-mail Hales sent to all city staff this morning.

From: Hales, Charlie
Sent: Friday, July 31, 2015 8:50 AM
To: Citywide All Employees Distribution List
Subject: Just another day's work - thank you!

Yesterday, City employees carried out their usual responsibilities. Responding to issues such as house fires, Last Thursday, gang activity, huge numbers of people out in our parks and an extra 2,000 youth utilizing our community centers, among other challenges.

But in addition to all that, personnel from the Portland Police Bureau, Portland Fire and Rescue, our City Attorney's office, and our Park Rangers helped to safely resolve a complex situation at the protest at the St. Johns Bridge. Our teams performed this work in 103 degree heat.

You met this challenge with competence, courtesy and creativity. How good were you? The lead Greenpeace organizer told Chief O'Dea that he had been involved in many protests in many cities and had never seen such a professional and considerate response.

Portlanders appreciate you. Well done!

Charlie Hales
Mayor, City of Portland
1221 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204