The Broadways Bridge is supposed to be open to only people on bikes or on foot for the next week, and this city's driver's just will not accept that.

Cops have arrested a man after he refused to countenance the closure signs at around 9:45 am, hopped the curb (presumably taking out some of the traffic cones that are out there corralling cyclists) and tried a sneak maneuver into the Pearl. This cannot have been a mistake—there is nothing ambiguous about the Broadway's bike/ped path.

One of the more surprising things about this, actually, is how close the driver came to succeeding. What if the bridge had been closed for minor electrical work and elaborate scaffolding wasn't taking up half of the bike/ped path? This guy would have cruised.

No one's been hurt, so this stunt will get some guffaws, but stuff like this is happening with bizarre frequency on the city's bridges this year. In June, a driver experiencing what cops called a "medical event" (but what was really choking on soda) ran up on the Burnside Bridge walkway and killed 36-year-old George Ben Harrison.


In late April, a suspected carjacker overturned on the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge, tumbling the car onto a roadway below.

And, of course, mayhem occurs away from Portland's bridges all the time, which is one of the reasons why activists have been increasingly vocal, of late, and Portland officials jumped at the chance to adopt "Vision Zero" earlier this year.

Exactly what that adoption leads to is still an open question.