Next on the City Council's radar...

Passing a law that any establishment with a jukebox must hire someone to perform sign language for each song played.

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Yea my wife is deaf and even I have to turn off the CC during football games when it lands right in the middle of the screen for some damn reason. I think they should be required to turn it on if a request is made but otherwise let it be their option. On the other hand...I don't go out to bars for sports because there's no sound and you can't always tell what's happening so the CC's help out there.
Do they also have to turn up the sound on all the TVs so I can hear all of them equally?
"This ordinance benefits everyone," said Commissioner Amanda Fritz,

I'm not sure how television benefits anyone, let alone everyone.
But what about deaf people that cannot read english?
How can we help them Amanda?
well that is the end of me going to a bar to watch sunday ticket when I want to see the vikings play. Who wants to try to watch the game past a black box blocking part of the screen. My grandfather was deaf and when I watched baseball with him we would watch with captions, but when I watched without him I turned them off because not everyone is deaf amanda.
This seems like a good use of the legislatures time. The homelessness, high drop out rate, crumbling roads, and gang activity can wait.
It's not about "helping" deaf people. It's about facing the fact that our city is diverse.

Similar to why crosswalks announce when it's safe to walk - or is the automated voice just too much to bear, dear commenters?
Not only that, Azure, but most TVs don't have the sound on! Deaf people are not at a disadvantage to those with hearing in bars and restaurants because even those with hearing can't hear a TV where the sound is turned off.
Perhaps, if more places had been willing to adjust when requested on an individual basis this would have not been necessary. However, Deaf and Hard of hearing people are shunned at every turn. I'm proud of this city's stance.

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