you could make the same argument about a bridge on NE 7th/9th connecting across sullivan's gulch. Both should be built for the same reasons, even though other connections exist nearby
Isn't this exactly what Sam Adams wanted to do with the old Sauvie Island bridge?
I thought this article was a re-run. Okay, we're building this again probably---aren't we cutting money from other bureaus right now for more funding for the homeless(and raising fees for street maintenance)? Sigh...
PBOT - city department of transportation has library of projects like this. So one is not news. But I think they should build it as well as the over 84 bike-pedestrian bridge.

To the point this new crossing would make it for safer walkers and bikes who face sidewalk restrictions, bike lane disappears and killer turns onto highways at Everett and Glisan.
PEE Dot should fill a bunch of pot holes first...
That area does suck for cyclists and peds... but let's not forget that people are DYING out on the east side because there aren't sidewalks or decent crossings in a lot of areas.
PBOT should just run a $6M ad campaign instead with the tag line: "East of Tabor? GET FUCKED".

"The proposal has a lot of fans. With its application, PBOT submitted letters of support from representatives of the Pearl District, Northwest District, and Old Town, along with local employers and advocates for better bicycling and walking facilities. All of the of them speak of a need for a comfortable route over I-405."

Well, those are some fancy fans you got there, PBOT. But maybe that $6M could do something to fix this?:

But far be it from me to take away from Pearl residents' "comfort".
Unfortunately, Mawnkey, PBOT has no jurisdiction on 82nd Ave itself, and has been lobbying the state to make major improvements to make it more of a street for people, rather than a such a major highway (right next to I-205, at that).
I absolutely agree though that tons more focus and money needs to be spent out past Tabor and 82nd - and hopefully soon. This bridge is a great idea, but it's the kind of dream we make sure to get after we have a gas tax that begins to cover regular road maintenance.
Oregon would raise a lot of money if your license fee was tied to the value of your vehicle , excepting semi-trucks, they already pay huge amounts of money to Oregon. Why should a person driving a $50,000 dollar vehicle not pay more than some person who can only afford a $2,000 car?
I'm not against the bridge, now or even back when when Adams wanted one -- the dumbass wanted to 'recycle' the Sauvie Island Bridge for use here, at many times the cost of building a new one, ignoring the fact the steel will ultimately get recycled anyway.

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