"The mayor has rolled over."

Yes, Hales is in the pocket of Big Homeless.

So apparently no member of the Overlook Neighborhood Association had either the brains or the guts to say "vigilante background checks of homeless people is insane and you people should be ashamed of yourselves"?
Somewhat said that almost verbatim. Just wasn't enough to stop the inertia.
I do encourage all of you to listen to the Think Out Loud show. It is very interesting to learn who some of these people are and just what they feel entitled to. The young man from New York cooking up salmon and steak for the camp telling Portlanders who don't like it "tough luck." There is the man from Oklahoma who moved here two months ago because we legalized pot. (Just think about how much the Portland community "owes" him.) There are the multiple people who basically say it is a lifestyle choice. There is the organizer who wants to create 100 more such camps in the next year and clearly feels like he has the opening to do it.

But maybe the big hearts of people like Dirk will open up and all of their magical CARING will solve the whole issue. Because they are good progressives and they do care so very very much. And you know what will definitely solve homelessness? Saying the right things and professing how much we care. Can you feel it working? And the rest of you? Well, you're just bad people.
We have in Portland, anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 people with no place to be warm and safe. We lose 50-60 human beings per year to the cold and rains, and you want to do what? This is not the entire answer to the question of how to house human being but part of the emergency call from the mayor and you want to kill it. I am ashamed of you! Please come up with solutions and stop the BS so you can sleep at night. You are not a compassionate person if you say move them someplace else.
Blabby, you only heard a brief statement that was edited in a way that made Wesley, the man you are speaking about moving here because we legalized marijuana. The edit that was made, made him sound like someone he isn't. I've gotten to know him and he is a kind and generous soul.

He didn't move here for marijuana and he hasn't asked for anything from the city. Everything he has done, was done with what he had left in his savings. He isn't a young man anymore and the job he moved here for, fell through. He no longer does drugs and he is about doing for others. He has very little to give, but he has, he does for others.

Here is a longer interview I did with Wesley, that I hope you will watch. It will give you a better understanding of who he is.

We are all humans, may we all be here for one another
I wouldn't want to live next to these folks.
There, I said it.
I support the people who live there already, toil, work and pay their taxes.
As another article in the Merc points out, compassion and throwing money at the problem ain't working.
LoneVet, my suggestion, for the vast majority of them is to get off their asses and WORK.
Blabby is right: that Think Out Loud segment was a shot to the balls. Aside from the couple who got kicked out of their apartment thanks to their mom doing drugs, not a single person they talked to at that shanty town was the down on their luck, mentally ill poor soul forced into homelessness that everyone in the local media and city hall would lead you to believe every homeless person is. First guys was CHOOSING to be homeless, second moved to Portland from NY because he knew he could be homeless here, third was the pastor, fourth was the couple and the fifth was a professional homeless fellow from Oklahoma. So that's 2 out of 5 people at that camp who are locals who just couldn't make it, the other 3 came here BECAUSE of Portland's rep as a relatively easy place to be homeless.
People! FCOL, can you not understand calling it a choice because the shame of admitting helplessness in the face of our punitive, judgemental, expensive culture? A full time, minimum wage job no longer buys even a room in a shared house in this town. All this victim-blaming is based on the idea that if the victim was behaving correctly, they would not end up on the streets. WRONG!! Poverty is brutal anywhere, but it is getting more brutal every day in this town. It's a real estate gold rush. People with the least economic power are priced out to the streets. It is that simple.
I would like all these advocates of city-approved homeless camps to volunteer their own neighborhoods. Hell, why don't you welcome these camps into your backyards? They could use your shower, toilet and make themselves meals on your stove. Seriously, if you're an advocate for such things, why not welcome them, nay, ACTIVELY seek out these camps to be established in your very own backyard? It's easy to say everyone is "heartless" or "cruel" when you don't have to deal with the negatives. And yes, I was as shocked as anyone to listen to the Think Out Loud segment of A LOT of these people CHOOSING to be homeless. Edited or not, the words "I'm choosing to live this way" came out of more than one person's mouth...
A vivid demonstration of how when people complain about new housing, what they're really reacting to are the new residents.
I work in Inner SE near a bunch of the homeless travellers.
They are litterbugs, they harass people and they look physically capable of work.

As long as we coddle the lifestyle homeless by giving them $ to support their habits, by letting them shoplift brazenly, by over feeding them, the homeless problem will remain unfixable.

My solution:
Concentrate services on the non-lifetstyle homeless
Prosecute shoplifting
Arrest travellers in the train yards as they arrive in the spring
Clean up squats

The travellers are mean to the other homeless- so let's not mis-place our compassion.
Wow --every ignorant canard that comfortable people use to villify the poor, all in one convenient comment thread. Did all you people get bored at Oregonlive?
@Euphonius - I haven't seen Chuck yet...maybe he's finally run everyone off
Many of us are helping our homeless community directly, offering our showers, our homes, our neighborhoods, our kitchens and our time. Many of us are working toward a solution that involves creating mini communities in which people can work together to form a safe and sustainable community, in which people can meet their basic survival needs. Many of us are working toward solutions that give people hope.

The hateful comments I am reading, are no different then the hateful comments that existed toward our poor communities during the great depression. Sadly, there will always be hateful people in our society, but thankfully, there will always be compassionate, empathetic, community minded people in our society.

I can not imagine a world filled with such hatred toward other human beings, such disregard for human life and suffering, and such selfish ambition. Power to those who show kindness in a world filled with hate, and power to those in our society, who get to know the individuals, couples, and families who are our neighbors: housed and unhoused.
I wouldn't want to live next to frankieb.
These camps are not habitable. They are as hazardous to pedestrians as are bicycles on the sidewalk and dogshit in the park. Let's have some equal enforcement of laws for a change. Then we can talk about solutions. Such as, perhaps, opening up City parking structures for dry overnight camping, day lockers for stowed gear, and more public restrooms with showers and sinks for doing hand laundry. This doesn't have to cost much at all. Soap and paper towels, hot water, janitorial and security on site all day and all night. That's about it.

Beyond that, more good camping sites for recreational campers is always a nice feature. Students of Social Work ought to take meals at the soup kitchens in order to rub elbows with the great unwashed, in order to enable them deal with the bureaucracy of applying for social services already offered.
Neighborhood associations, homeowner associations, condominium associations (etc) are almost always full of disgusting, wretched people.

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