Bring on the PDX favelas! Keep Portland Rio.
Concerns? You bet we've got concerns. Tell Charlie to stop inviting the wholesale destruction of our city's public spaces:

(503) 823-4120
Between Hales' latest move regarding the homeless, and the closed captions mandate in sports bars, Portland is now the most progressive city in the world!!!!!!!
This seems like a step in the right direction to me. It's not ideal, but it at least mitigates some of the worst neighborhood and environmental impacts of the impromptu encampments.
In other news, southern Washington welcomes a flood of middle class families who can't get out of Portland fast enough.
I would suggest that people who are homeless-seeking-work be given first priority; homeless-with jobs be given second priority, and mandatory check-in points for homeless. There are many who are homeless by choice who take advantage of systems such as the one proposed, and bully the others.

Also, there is no mention of addressing the mental health issues that are rampant among this population.
If like to see a community involvement campaign. If people come together to help our homeless neighbors, talk with them, encourage each other to volunteer time, food, supplies, a conversation - we'd speed up the process and bring humanity and dignity back into the lives of people without homes. I'm sure this happens on a small scale with shelters, but it would be amazing if it was a city wide campaign for humanity.
Why was the word "Portlander" was included in the lead? This policy applies to all homeless people, not just the ones who are "from" Portland.
So can I camp at Council Crest on Friday night? Or will I get a ticket for being an entitled asshole? Fuck it, I'm camping at Council Crest on Friday night.
From one of our neighborhood residents via a neighborhood message board:

"A police officer warned my friends and I to not leave the 205 multi use path when going by the camp just south of Holgate. Apparently someone who was Hepatitis B and HIV positive OD'd there recently and the officer basically said it is a biohazard area covered in feces and vomit. FYI for the neighborhood."

Some people just want to watch the world burn.
So when this takes effect, anyone in the country can take a bus or train to Portland, walk ten blocks, and sleep on a tarp on the sidewalk in the heart of the Pearl District?
"the officer basically said it is a biohazard area covered in feces and vomit"

Coming to a parking strip near you!
Who wants to camp out on Hales' front lawn? I'll bring marshmallows!

"No, I'm not homeless per se. Just wanted to camp here. Figured you'd be pretty chill with that."
Does anyone here want to prevent runaway youth from becoming hardened street people? Let's start there. And we can work on our compassion for the lifestylers later.
Not all homeless are addicts thieves and baggers support right 2 dream too a safe place for unhoused to get up 12 hours of rest. People will seek the need to sleep either the public finds a place or they will
Suggesting people will take a Bus or train to Portland is a bit ridiculous. Most have no TV or Internet and even radios, to find out that they can be safe in Portland. Plus, lack the money to pay for a ticket. If they had that much money, (hundreds of dollars) they would stay where they are...
@Robert Johnston: Unfortunately, it really isn't…

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