Has anyone tested the air and soil around East Side Plating?
"Has anyone tested the air and soil around East Side Plating?"

Why we typically don't allow people to live in industrial zones.

The zoning interpretation is bogus. An honest, good faith, common sense interpretation of the code shows clearly that such a use is not allowed. Also, it is absolutely to correct that it sets a precedent for other industrial (and probably commercial) zones across the city. If you interpret it one way for one site, you have to do the same for other sites of the same zoning.
I wish it was the Columbia River.
Randy Leonard created the mess, and Hales just cast it in bronze. (A lucrative "sustainability" consulting career awaits!) Meanwhile we're stuck with the costs, not to mention the trash, poop and needles that will now be a permanent fixture along the Esplanade and new bridge.

Thanks Charlie! Thanks Amanda! The flood gates are open and so are our wallets. I mean they even found a way to use this to justify the streetcar's existence... They're so very clever when their own interests are at stake.

But no, Mercury-- no sense in muckraking. Only report on the goodtime progressive vibes. Portlanders' opinions don't matter, after all... there's a much more compelling fantasy-hobo-martyr to worship.
Chunty, I have recently realized that there is no reporting at all at the mercury. It's more of an agenda and media-personality-thing nowadays. It took me a while....For that matter, Chunty, you are the news as far as I'm concerned.
"Here, meet your new best buddies! OK, I'm heading home, it's a bit of a drive...see ya!"
East Side Plating has got to be loving this. How long until someone accuses them of giving cancer to one of the R2D2 campers with a stout dose of hexavalent chromium?
This is excellent strategic thinking by the moneyed westsiders. When the homeless zombie apocalypse inevitably hits, they can simply post armed guards on the Fremont and Marquam bridges and raise the rest, while the Willamette serves as a convenient moat to keep the undesirables, I mean zombies, at bay.
This city has become such a joke. A very bad joke. Won't be long before the city passes a law that every taxpayer has to pick up trash at one of the homeless camps 5 days/year.
I like the new format. No more easy laughs. Aside from that, remember the Roma and how the Nazis talked about them. We got to learn something.
I hate the new format. No more easy laughs. And without laughs, the Merc is...what? Something to put down when the bus seat is wet... but the rainy season is almost over anyway...
What took so long? If we go with the county as responsible for social services, there is Wapito and numerous county properties for getting homeless off the street. If we have the city responsible, there are vast city properties including Water-Maintenance-Fire Bureau parking lots for tents. If we have tenting on city-county property, we will have supervision.
"the rainy season is almost over anyway"

global warming isn't moved THAT fast. 4 more months of delicious OR rain, minimum. hang on to those horrible tree killing Mercury print versions or you're going to have a wet ass.

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