News Apr 6, 2016 at 4:00 am

(It's More Because of the Water Attack Than the Nazi Epithets)


Police are always more concerned about their own safety, then protecting the public. I see no reason for them to be at the meetings, anyway. In fact, every meeting I ever attended was a total waste of time, in any event. More people ought to listen to police scanners. Oh, wait, that doesn't work anymore, the police are using encrypted channels now. No matter, people need to use there cell phones to transmit live video feed of police in action, whenever and where ever the are encountered, and if the police try to grab the camera, it will be seen in real time as it is being recoded in an account in the Cloud.
When did cops become such sissies? It's not like body fluids were being released, just a cup of water! But sure, any excuse not to comply with Judge Simon and the DOJ.
We need to COMPLETELY overhaul the police force. Please sign (and maybe share) my petition to the DOJ if you agree.…
Thanks Ida and Tre for pointing out the ludicrously cowardly position of the mostly male armed dudes and dudettes, supposedly people patrolling against supposed gangs (supposedly taking over parts of our city) being "afraid" to come face the fairly minor risk of losing a CRC hearing, where they sit or standby inactive while a deceptive lawyer, former prosecuting attorney is found all wet... well he's backed up by one other vote in a 5-2 decision that took 2 hours longer than any decent person would take to review a 12 second video... of "vice" cop filmed by citizen, not the clip from Mercury's Vimeo link.

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