uhh ohh!! the small town bandwagon is rolling now!! There is no stopping it- glass companies will be front page news for the next year as well as the determining factor in determining the next mayor. Really we're just testing candidates to see if they will fall in line like a good ol' boy with whatever issue of the year we become fixated on at the expense of everything else going on every day.

Don't drink TOO much of the kool aid Ted- just enough to stay alive. We need reason not group thinking.
At the Revolutionary Hall debate (Feb 29), just after the glass company problems emerged, the eight candidates on stage were asked if they'd support a regional air quality authority. Wheeler's answer then was the same as in the story above: that he wants the state to get its act together and if it doesn't, then he's open to the possibility. Rushing to create a new bureaucracy isn't responsible leadership; it's politicking.

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