1. Let's see if they make TriMet pony up for this 'Heavy vehicle fee'; their busses certainly qualify.

2. There should be another similar fee on studded tires, which do as much or more damage to local streets as big trucks do.
It's a good plan. The city needs to take on the responsibility to match the state records against the business income tax records. No one wants to pay more taxes, but the truckers benefit from the privilege of doing business in Portland. Someday Oregon will catch up to Washington and California on diesel emission rules. Someday.
"what do you say to low-income people when the price of consumer goods delivered to the City spikes because of fuel taxes? "

The same thing you said to us when the price of everything spiked because of the Cheney Administration's misadventures in the Persian Gulf.

"Suck it, if you don't make enough money, get a better job or move somewhere where it's cheaper"

Since "Dash Buttons" are a thing now allowing you to individually order sundry items for individual delivery to the home, there is no longer any justification for saying that companies can't afford to use trucks smaller than 40ft to deliver goods into the city.

The market has shown us that ship sailed a while ago.

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