We just learned from a strange KGW report that a Eugene, Oregon man gave an out-of-town prostitute a primate named "Gooey" as a tip in exchange for sex. That's on top of the Girl Scout Cookie money he paid her. Both the money and the primate were stolen from the pet store that the man owns.

The troubled pet shop owner, Nathan Allen McClain, was later arrested while exiting a pornography store whilst high on meth. He was charged with a DUII, prostitution, and hauled off to Lane County Jail.

Let's focus on some key things that make this awesome:
1) He paid her with stolen Girl Scout Cookie money.
2) He tipped her with a Galago primate.
3) Galagos are also known as "bush babies"
4) The bush baby's name is Gooey.
5) Gooey.

Actually none of this is awesome, except for the fact the Gooey is apparently safe at an animal sanctuary now. Where, presumably, he won't be used as currency for sex anymore. Presumably.

We also googled "weirdest tips received by prostitutes" and got back NOTHING. Which seems like a pretty significant failure of the internet. Bummer.