What is the starting wage for a Portland police officer? And what is the average wage of said person?
The starting wage for a Portland Police officer is $23.72 / hour:…
Fuck the PBA! Make them PAY!
$16,179,901 for Homeless Services? What's that last dollar for?

Also it's all nice that these 3 items are in their own pie chart but I would love to see it contextualized in the full pie.
Now why put "Necessary" in quotes like that, Dirk? Don't embarrass Charlie. The Mercury agrees that the business community should pay whatever Charlie thinks they should, right? "Whatever Charlie wants...Charlie gets..." (reminds me of a catchy old showtune)
Can we just raise the Business Tax to 3.0% and ditch the street fee? Dedicate 0.5% to streets. I own a business, I'll pay, and FFS, the businesses in this town need to do a bit more.

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