Yawn, a big deal might be multi-person gender-neutral bathrooms, a la Ally McBeal. Until then, Yawnville, USA, population me by myself taking a dump in a kush city bathroom.
Making all the single-stalls gender-neutral is fine. Making multi-stalls gender-neutral seems like typical Portland City Council let's-show-we're-more-progressive-than-anyone-else overreach, especially if, as Fritz seems to advocate, such a restroom eventually becomes the main facility in a major public building.
Multi-person gender neutral bathrooms are used in other countries without all the drama. No urinals and doors and walls of the stalls to the floor solves privacy issues. I've used such in Europe many times. We need to grow up on this issue. To some of the rest of the world all this giggling and gasping about bathrooms and gender makes us look like little kids sharing potty humor.
Multi-person gender-neutral restrooms do exist in other countries, but they are greatly outnumbered by gender-specific facilities; to pretend that gender-neutral restrooms are the standard in Europe is disingenuous. Many (probably most) people prefer using gender-specific restrooms, and there shouldn't be a rush to get rid of them.

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