Isn't Terminal 1 and that area part of the superfund clean-up? Something tells me this has more to do with getting the tax payers to foot the required clean-up costs than it does with helping the homeless. Homer could give a squirt of piss about the homeless, in the very least he just wants to sweep them away from his ivory towers.
"couldn't" (argh!)
It is a great spot for those reliant on the downtown area, but it is also a trendy spot for condo builders. The two don't mix and we know who gets the boot of the two. You know as well as I do that not a single one of the reasons Nick Fish gave are things which would hold a good idea up if it did not infringe on someone's interest - which is understandable don't get me wrong, it just sounds.... well - fishy that he did not outright say this.
Nick Fish is echoing Deborah Kafoury's arguments for not using Wapato. The only thing that does not change in Portland, is that nothing ever changes. Fish can choose to innovate, rather than succumb. A leader breaks barriers, mends relationships, sees things not for what they are, but what they can be, a leader never takes no for an answer, and most of all, a leader, leads. ‪#‎homelesslivesmattertoo‬ ‪#‎pdxmayor‬ ‪#‎summitingpdx‬ ‪#‎sayyestooregontrailtohopeatterminalone‬
Zipitup - what ivory towers? Homer doesn't own any in the Pearl, nor does he have any Superfund liability. Try again?

Jebus, grow some damn nuance please and try to not sound so much like a lawyer. Homer fancies himself as the overlord of the Pearl. As a major developer he has plenty of "ownership" in this game.

Nice dodge on the superfund issue too. He may not have any personal liability, but whomever develops that area will definitely have to overcome that obstacle. This whole thing wreaks of the same bait and switch he pulled with the south waterfront park.…

ZIPITUP - This isn't about nuance. You are discrediting an idea based on incorrect facts, including on South Waterfront, where it was the City that did the switching and then complained when no one would go along with their new plan. Consider the idea on its merits. Take the cynic cap off and get around the bias.

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