A San Francisco Investment Firm Is Snatching Up Old Town Real Estate

It’s Already Bouncing the Boiler Room, and Others Are Worried


"Bay Area money having its way with Portland"

A rape metaphor? Crass, Dirk.
This developer claiming it is unavoidable reminds me of developers along the water who benefited from the government rezoning t1 south from industrial to residential, now the condo dwellers want to say the government cannot do the same for someone else because they think it may decrease their property value.

Likewise, if and when Portlanders pull their head out of their tail, perhaps they’ll stop asking for the wrong things.

Three ways I know rent can increase; land use (growth boundaries), supply/ demand, and monopolies. But cities will continue to favor sustainable/ manageable density over sprawl, and supply/ demand only creates competition when there is a surplus – something developers avoid creating. The only promising thing is to break the monopoly if one exists, and one does; the concept of physical privacy.

I’m speaking t the wind here, but shelter/ hostel – type bunkers style infrastructure should be on the free rental market without the prison like qualities of shelters, without the esoteric out of state traveler requirements of hostels, and with the screening and accountability of monthly rentals. If and when this happens then we’ve introduced something which can produce results not witnessed in other cities that have been there done that and which gives this cocky developer from san fran the confidence that he can buy out and run through other people’s home.
"Portland is being bought by San Francisco!" says the Portland Mercury, a Seattle newspaper.
People with more money buy things from people with less money. Story at 11!
As someone who was paid a pittance as an assistant property manager at Bluestone and Hockley I'd like to say a hearty Fuck You to them and this new level of Californian ass kissing they are doing. So glad I left that place.
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