A Black Teen Was Run Down in Gresham

His Killer Is in a Notorious Oregon White Supremacist Prison Gang


I seem to recall another recent case where they were able to base a hate crime enhancement on racist tattoos. Whatever they need to put this mal-adjust, violent racist away for good. What kind of murder charge is it? It should be 1st degree as he was fleeing. We have no need for someone who would run down teenagers with his car free in a civil society.

Not only that he would be a good candidate for super maxing in prison. It's wrong to condemn the many non-violent offenders in prison to have to live with horrible people like this.

I'm actually in support of reform of prisons and the entire criminal justice system but cages are valid for violent racists and incorrigible violent offenders. It's horrifying to think we have such backwards, ignorant racists living in the Portland area. Put 'em away. Racist tattoos or known racist affiliations should be grounds for denying parole.

I'm sure the girlfriend is no prize either but depending on her history perhaps she doesn't deserve as harsh a penalty although if she encouraged him, as it sounds she did, she is just as culpable in this case. Maybe give her a little leniency if she helps testify against him.
188th and Burnside is still technically Portland, Portland Mercury.

Source: Google Maps
actually, no, it's Gresham: https://www.maptechnica.com/city-map/Gre…
I have read with surprise of the racist history of Portland. And the current pushing black people out of their homes by gentrification.
Even the state justice system hasn't kept a very violent offender off the streets. In 2012 he slammed a woman's head into a windshield and despite his record was only given probation. And the only reason he was able to murder someone is because they gave this evil, violent person parole again. He should never see the outside again, but based on Oregon's track record he'll get out on parole in 15-20 years and kill someone else. If the people of Oregon don't care then they will be victims. This scum and those like him officially hate certain groups but commit violence on anyone.
Hmmm....the killer is a member of a notorious white supremacist gang who got into racial scuffles in prison, tattooed the gang symbol on himself despite knowing it was against prison rules, and the victim was a black man, yet it is “unknown at this time” if the murder was racially based.
Yes. If only Sherlock Holmes were here to help us decipher these cryptic clues....