Words by Erica Ordway

*CLARIFICATION: The original headline has been clarified to describe the new accuser as “someone who say she’s a previous survivor.” The Mercury regrets any implication in the prior headline that the new accuser’s claims have been finally decided by the judicial process as that process has not yet been concluded.

A Portland musician apologized on Facebook for sexually assaulting a woman recently. Others say he's abused women before, and one told the Mercury she just filed a report against him with the Portland Police Bureau for an incident that happened about six years ago.

"I've done something reprehensible that I need to own up to," wrote musician Joel Magid on Facebook on Sunday. "I recently sexually assaulted someone. In this encounter, I pulled out my penis, and forcibly lifted the woman’s skirt. A friend intervened and stopped my behavior. I was blacked out drunk when this happened and don’t remember any of the situation. That doesn’t excuse what I did."

Magid's statement on sexually assaulting the woman—where he also declared he's going to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and will seek therapy—has spread all over the country and world in the days since it was posted. It first landed on Oregonlive then spread to outlets like SF Gate, the New York Post, Elite Daily, and the Daily Mail.

A commenter on Magid's Facebook post called him "brave" for acknowledging the recent incident. Others lauded his "transparency."

And that didn't sit well with Portland woman Erica Ordway, also known as Wanda Bones, who says she was sexually assaulted by Magid nearly six years ago. ( Music Director and DJ Theo Craig did call out Magid in his post, saying he "need(s) to admit this wasn't the first time." Magid responded: "I cannot accept responsibility to things I haven't done.")

"For the past 2 days I have been living in hell," Ordway wrote in her Facebook post, which she gave the Mercury permission to share. "I have recently discovered that the man who sexually assaulted (i.e. raped) me almost 6 years ago has publicly announced his apology to his most current victim... I would love to be presented with a half assed apology 6 years too late for what you did to me, still waiting bud. Now let me fill you in on some things that I have gone through for the past 6 years."

Read Ordway's post below. The Mercury left a voice message with Magid and we will update this post with his response, should it come in:

Ordway tells the Mercury that she filed a police report against Magid this morning.

Police spokesperson Pete Simpson said that the bureau was forwarded Magid's September 3 Facebook post and the sex crimes unit is currently investigating it. Prosecuting the crime Magid admitted to would require the survivor to come forward and identify herself, he said. Then investigators would need to verify that Magid actually wrote the post himself (and not, say, someone else using his account) and that it happened in Oregon.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault and would like some assistance, please check out the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force website for resources. Also, feel free to reach out to these organizations:
Multnomah County Victims' Assistance Program. Office: 503-988-3222.
Portland Women's Crisis Line. Office: 503-232-9751. Crisis line: 503-235-5333. Toll free: 888-235-5333.
Victim Rights Law Center. Office: 503-274-5477. Intake hotline 503-274-5477 x6.
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. Hotline: 1800-656-4673.

The Mercury plans on further covering sexual assault and harassment in the Portland music community. If you would like to confidentially get in touch with us, contact music editor Ciara Dolan at or news reporter Doug Brown at