News Nov 9, 2016 at 4:00 am

But Here’s What Happened In Local Races


Thanks for your coverage of local politics!
The problem with the "Affordable Housing" measure is the property tax increase is high enough that it may throw senior and lower income home owners out of their homes, and into the streets. The city of Portland treats home owners as a piggy bank they can raid for money whenever they like, and if it throws seniors or low income home owners out of their homes, that's OK because the city wanted money. If the city was really interested reducing the rental shortage in Portland they would take on AirBnB and make sure that all the AirBnB units are following the laws and rules required to operate in Portland. Until AirBnB is sorted out, we don't know how much new housing the city really needs. Another property tax increase and it looks like the affordable units will come from lower income and senior home owners losing their homes because they were no longer able to afford property taxes.

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