Sure, the Hamilton Electors were an interesting idea. End of the day, though, their greatest accomplishment was probably teaching us all a hell of a lot more about the Electoral College than we'd bothered to figure out in years past.

As I write this, Donald Trump has just been affirmed as the nation's next president. There will be no last minute upset. We all knew that.

So what to do? Well, according to Facebook, hundreds of your fellow citizens will be taking to the streets this evening to reignite the "not my president" protests that were so prominent last month.

Portland's Resistance is organizing a Portland March for Electoral Justice that'll begin in the South Park Blocks at 5:30 pm. According to organizers, it'll make another stop at Pioneer Courthouse Square at 7 pm.

We'll be rallying at PSU from 5:30 to 6:00pm and then begin the march. For folks who can't join the march at 6pm, we will stop again to gather at Pioneer Square at 7pm.

The march comes the same day Portland's Resistance organizer Greg McKelvey appeared in court on a citation for failing to obey police officers during a November 21 march at which he was arrested. Police initially accused McKelvey of disorderly conduct after that arrest, but prosecutors didn't file the misdemeanor charge at the time. Police issued a citation—akin to a traffic ticket—about a week later.

McKelvey pleaded not guilty today, court records show.

Anyway, protest tonight. You've been warned, commuters.