Hales refusal to actually deal with the problem invited out of state homeless to move into portland. Hales is the cause of the problem, not just a failed solution.
Hales help create the problem then didn't acknowledged there was a problem until neighborhoods were going to use the City. He was to busy traveling for climate change.
Our best Mayor in decades. Face it, people in this city are just assholes.
Since you've left a few holes in your article, let me help out a little. I personally know families that live within the sphere of the Springwater Trail where members of the household could not leave their home together, for fear of being burgled - I'm not sure if you are aware, but many of these families would not find themselves in the same economic tier as say, I dunno, many of the gentrified neighborhoods of North Portland. It's fine and dandy to sit on a high-horse from such gentrified neighborhoods and proselytize against the Springwater clean-up. For the sake of your journalistic credibility going forward, don't let your friendship with Vahid Brown blind you from delivering a more rounded article next time - go out into the neighborhoods and get the other side of the story.

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