Allen Wesley Pucket at the the January 29 PDX airport protest
Allen Wesley Pucket at the the January 29 PDX airport protest Doug Brown

The man wearing a "JESUS WILL JUDGE YOU" sweatshirt while kicking a person on the ground—standing next to a noted white supremacist sucker punching a woman in the face—is antagonistic Oregon street preacher Allen Wesley Pucket. He traveled with his associates down to Berkeley, California, on Saturday for a pro-Donald Trump "Patriot Day" rally that turned violent.

Pucket, a documented asshole who apparently lives in Tillamook, regularly shows up to Portland-area protests and events with "Bible Believers" preacher Grant Chisholm to yell at people on a megaphone about gays and hell. Pucket and his group, "Hell Shaking Street Preachers," came to Berkeley and participated in a beatdown of Antifa protesting the Trump rally. Pucket posted a picture of himself in Berkeley with this caption: "Crusaders for Christ after the victory in Berkeley. Terrorist antifa chased off and beaten. In God we trust, with Trump we stand! Freedom fighting."

The guy who sucker punched the woman next to him is Nathan Damigo of white nataionalist group Identity Europa.

Here's Pucket at the Jan 29 PDX Muslim travel ban protest. Pucket, Chisholm, and others showed up to yell at protesters.