This is Domestic Terrorism plain and simple. Consciously or subliminally this attack will make people think twice, or at least hesitate, before speaking up against hate and standing with those who are targeted. Whether the attacker turns out to have been deranged, a far-right racist nutcase, or a mixture of both the attack will still have the same outcome: instilling terror. For the sake of those who sacrificed themselves we can not let this fear prevent us from stepping in and speaking up where we see hate. Don't allow this terrorism to turn you into a silent observer, thats how they win. Stand strong, speak up, and fight back.
Logan5, I can hardly imagine a more crass and heartless way to respond to this tragedy. Whatever your views on other articles in the Mercury, your decision to broadcast them here, as people organize to mourn two incredibly brave young people murdered in an act of terrorism, is an utter disgrace.

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