Did nobody consider his advocating shooting cops sufficient to warrant an investigation last month?…
Thank you Doug Brown for a well researched article...
It would appear that Christian's fb page may now be removed? I couldn't find it... shocking that fb didn't ban him for the comments you have screen shots of.

Deepest respect and honour to the 3 men who stood up to him on the train and sympathy to the family/friends of the 2 he murdered. #TrueHeroes
""There is too much hatred in our world right now, and far too much violence. Too much of it has arrived here in Portland," "

Are you saying this guy is not from Potland, then? Where did he come from? Stop looking all over the world for the source of the problem. Our terror is homegrown.
He has extensive form, apparently.…
If you scroll down his fb page to February 17, a post and comments about James Zwerg suggests premeditation...
He is a confirmed domestic terrorist who verbally assaulted two Muslim women with intent of violence and killed 2 innocent men attempting to defend the Muslim women at the same time.
Yeah no one cares what a dude that can't even spell "Barry" thinks.
He's the face of half the country. That should scare us all.
Tilley was our nephew. He was an amazing young man who was doing great things with his life. He was excited about life! We are heart broken. STOP THE HATE!
@12 Why would anyone need to believe that? His hair was tied up at the rally in April and is down in his mugshot. You can see it in the video clips.
Why is there never any actual police presence on the MAX? The transit police are glorified private security guards whose primary responsibility is to harass teenagers and (primarily) women who forgot their passes in order to massively fine them and pad Trimet's bottom line. In the meantime we have a host of sociopathic and psychotic pyschopaths like this douchebag terrorizing everyone on board. Where are the police, Mayor Wheeler?
I'm curious about the novel, "Hold Back This Day" (amazon) that he promoted on his FB page before it was taken down. Anybody read it?
Thank you for sharing the facts!!!
According to the right wingers posting in this comment section, "real journalism" is when right wing bloggers post jpegs.
There's a reason he has chains wrapped around his neck. "Wolf collars" (dog collars with spikes on them) are for shepherding dogs so that wolves and coyotes don't bite their neck. This guy didn't just stab the people on the MAX, he slit their throats. The chains around his neck are to prevent people from doing the same thing to him.

Slitting people's throats has been on this guy's mind for a while.

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