Teddy is stoking the flames of hatred, and could be making matters much worse.

Ted's attempt to silence his opposition is likely to piss them off. I sincerely hope that no one gets as angry as, say, Mr. Christian did.
You said the most recent event,May 29; that should be April 29.
Hey Schwartz: sounds like they already are! About pretty much anything, and often about nothing real!

The ACLU's right, of course. The law's the law, and the law in this case is the First Amendment. There's such thing as basic fucking decency, on the other hand, and yet again the organized and marching stupid seem to have failed that little test.
Thanks JonesRich. Fixed.
Asking the organizers to delay is probably good enough. The government shouldn't take sides on a free speech Issue. If a bunch of people think now is a good time to come spew anti Muslim rhetoric in Portland...let em. And let what happens to them happen too.
The organizers have promised violence multiple times online. This isnt prior restraint, these are fighting words and incitement.
Let them march and spew their vile hate. And while they do let the streets of Portland be a ghost town (except for the cops, their kin in arms anyway). Let them march and let Portland turn their back on them. If they are completely ignored and no one pays them any attention (not press, not anyone), then they will wither and whine and go away. It is a matter of free speech. If no one is there to listen to them spew their hate, a louder, more important point is made. Trying to ban them just adds fuel to their hateful fire.
I think our mayor is making a huge mistake. Using the government to shut people up goes against all of our free speak rights. Everyone should work to win the argument with words, not suppression. Also, the vile man who attacked those three innocent people on April 29th is a menace to society, and we need to be protected for people like him. That said, I don't think we should try and portray him as being part of the right. He was a supporter of Senator Sanders in 2016 and then for Dr. Jill Stein after the election. We should realize that there are nut cases on the left and the right and exclude their actions for our public discourse regarding policies.
Nice work, Ted - disregarding that pesky 'Right to Assemble' clause in the Constitution the minute it becomes inconvenient. I payed attention in class when I was taught that even assholes have rights. Clearly you did not. Quit grandstanding and start doing something, (anything?) more productive than tweeting your own ego.
The only reason there would be violence, property damage and blocked transit on that day is if the usual masked suspects show up to deliver it.

I have yet to hear anyone ask them to stand down; to "do the right thing".
As an army veteran I'm concerned about why we invited the anarchy and destruction of Portland.

Yet we fight tooth an nail to stop a local man from speaking against Sharia.

Portland has I diverse group for lbgt and homeless American adults and children.

Just look around down town.

Yet mayor wheeler does not care for our citezense. Or our homeless.

He seems more concerned with spending valuable recourses on forigners who do not agree with the lbgt community or respect woman's rights.

Our homeless family's with children take a back seat as our mayor would rather import someone else and help them with snap tanf and hud.

I am saddened​ our government hates our citezense so much they will leave them homeless with children to import others at a much greater cost.

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