Skin this fuck alive in Pioneer Courthouse Square.
Hey Mercury, any other known white supremacists around here we should all know about?
A list would be nice.
It won't bring back the death penalty. All that will accomplish is allowing him to die as a martyr to his bullshit cause. Let him rot in prison and die forgotten like the lonely, sad, pathetic man he is.
We have literally dozens of well known white supremacists in Portland. I suggest the community proactively make life very fucking hard indeed for them in the near future or face more of this as power slips further through these dipshit's stubby fingers. information on most of them is widely available for those willing to look for it. We can keep our community safe, neighborhood by neighborhood if we ant. It's already been shown to be necessary.
'...information on most of them is widely available for those willing to look for it.' Where?
Through Portland IndyMedia, RoseCityAntifa, It's Going Down; the usual people fighting back against them. If you know people in the antifascist scene there's obviously more granular information on a neighborhood level.

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