As New Renter Protections Face an Uncertain Fate, One Portland Lawmaker is Facing the Heat

But Could the Pressure on Senator Rod Monroe Backfire?


"“It’s not like we went to his kid’s house,” says Margot Black"

Like the protestors who showed up to harass the Mayor at his house in front of his kids? Fuck PTU and fuck Margot Black. Rent control is going to turn Portland into another San Francisco even faster.
If anything else is removed from the bill, it will be worthless. There would be no reason to bother passing it of anything remaining is removed.
PTU needs to swallow the bitter pill of reality and admit that THEIR belligerence helped this bill lose its legs. Bill as it is does offer SOME protections, but it's not 100% every single thing that PTU demanded, so they're gonna go back down and scream some more, which could nudge the bill in the direction of being totally squashed. Maybe more vulgar signs (ie "3 months rent or Get The FUCK out!" -- yeah lawmakers are totally going to sit and listen to them when that's how you introduce yourelves).
Few things are as depressing as a citizenry begging the government to "control" things. Always ends badly regardless of the intentions.