Doug Brown

The search for the next chief of the Portland Police Bureau is winding down.

While the names of the six finalists have yet to be officially revealed—though current Chief Mike Marshman is one of them and has a shot to keep his job, and Oregonian reporter Maxine Bernstein says Seattle Assistant Chief Perry Tarrant is another finalist—the identities of the 20-member panel that interviewed the candidates this week is now known, thanks to a records request by Portland's Resistance.

The panel includes such folks as Dr. T. Allen Bethel of the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition, rank-and-file police union leader Daryl Turner, Portland Business Alliance head Sandi McDonough, and Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare CEO Derald Walker, among other leaders of various "constituencies."

The panel interviewed the six candidates on Wednesday and Thursday and they will forward their recommendations to Mayor Ted Wheeler, who ultimately has the final say on who gets the job. Wheeler, who pledged to do a national search for police chief, will interview candidates in early August.

Here's the list, and how the city identifies them.

1 - Communities of color
•Dr. T. Allen Bethel - Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition.
E.D. Montaine - Portland chapter VP, NAACP
•Carmen Rubio - Executive director, Latino Network
•Wajdi Said - President and co-founder, Muslim Educational Trust
•Lee Po Cha - Executive director, IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community)
•Paul Lumley - Executive director, Native American Youth & Family Center (NAYA)
•Nkenge Harmon Johnson - President, Urban League of Portland
•Richard Brown - community advocate, member of the Board on Public Safety Standards and Training

2 - Business community
•Sandi McDonough - President and CEO, Portland Business Alliance
•Lynnae Berg - Executive director, Clean & Safe (former PPB assistant chief)

3 - City bureau director
•Dante James - Director, Office of Equity and Human Rights

4 - Mental Health
•Derald Walker - President and CEO, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare
•Patricia Day TenEyck - Executive director, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Multnomah County

5 - Policing
•Daryl Turner - President, Portland Police Association (union)
•Vince Elmore - Portland State University Campus Police
•Ron Louie - Former chief, Hillsboro Police

6 - Youth
•Joseph Dessou - Student, Portland Community College

7 - Lents neighborhood
•JoLynn Cooper-Nearing - Lents Neighborhood Association

8 - Disability community
•Melissa Chavez - Graduate, Disability Leadership Academy

9 - Homeless community
• Shannon Singleton - Executive director, JOIN